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Since 2005, the work of the studio has focused mainly on different passions: sustainability, interior design, design and restoration, in the most diverse contexts.

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Graduated in Florence in Architecture, with a thesis in Urban Design on the Redevelopment of the Waterfront of the Ostia coast (Rome). A passion for Architecture, and in particular, for issues concerning sustainability, bio-architecture and interior design.

She is a full member of the Cultural Commission of the Association of Landscape Architects of the Province of Bari and Energy Certifier of buildings thanks to the SACERT validated qualification course.

Her work focuses mainly on his two passions, sustainability and interior design, also working actively in the field of conservative restoration of ancient structures in line with their context of belonging.

Team Member

Graduated at Polytechnic of Bari in Architecture with a Classical specialization, with a thesis on the restoration and anastylosis of the Temple of Jupiter in Pompeii. Professionally he has always been connected to the world of multimedia connected to Architecture through modeling and 3D printing.

The main activity is the use and implementation of digital tools in the construction process, from design to construction, with specific inclination to the BIM methodology.

He is currently in charge of the multimedia supply chain of the firm's projects, including the role of BIM Coordinator and Content Creator.


Studio Errico works in collaboration with the best expertise:

Studio Marco Pellegrini

Geologa Brunella Favia

Ing. Antonio Loi

Ing. Armando Berriola

Spazio 3

Modesto Colavitto SRL

La Fenice SRL

Vincenzo Rubino

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